Featured Virtual O-Tour: Bran, Romania

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Have a short stroll in Metrunner at the central location of the tale of Dracula. The castle gained its infamous reputation through Bram Stoker’s novel about vampires, and in folklore became associated with Vlad the Impaler, the brutal ruler of Wallachia. Vlad himself is not likely to have set foot on the castle, but who […]


Introducing MET.RUN—the powerful shortlink for sports, mobile & remote tourism

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MET.RUN is the new shortlink URL for sports, mobile & remote tourism.

Today we’re proud of introducing our new shortlink—MET.RUN! The new shortlink will support our efforts in promoting sports, mobile and remote tourism, and encourage you to discover more around the world. Through MET.RUN, you can easily access mobile guided and virtual tours, sport events, and orienteering courses. The world has never been closer than this—a […]


Featured virtual orienteering tour—Norrköping, Sweden

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Metrunner featured virtual o-tour - Norrköping

As part of our Sweden virtual orienteering competition, we’re featuring virtual tours from Sweden for the rest of August! Sweden’s Manchester Norrköping is known for its industrialised landscape, with factories and mills edging the river. For this, Norrköping is often called “Sweden’s Manchester”. Explore Norrköping with Metrunner now, which features the “orienteering map of the […]

O-Tour of the day

Virtual O-Tour of the Day: Danang, Vietnam

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Virtual O-Tour of the Day: Danang, Vietnam

Danang (Da Nang, also Turon/Tourane) is a well-travelled city in the middle of Vietnam, with beaches lining in front of the modern city. From Champa to Vietnam Once the capital city of the Hindu (later Muslim) Champa Kingdom, that kingdom was gradually vanquished by Vietnam from the 10th to 15th centuries. The now-Vietnamese cities of […]


Virtual O-Tour of the day: Reykjavík

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Reykjavík Virtual O-Tour on Metrunner

Ah, Iceland. The Nordic island nation in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean has long been attractive for tourists worldwide. Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland, is much like the nation—cool, unique, creative. Reykjavík The capital of Iceland is home to a lot of artists and cultural establishments; some play a central role in shaping the […]